We at Crane&Turtle, select and sell items that we deem well-designed and well-made, including but not limited to “Dento Kogei” items. The word Dento Kogei means refined artisanal arts and crafts from Japan.

We handpick items that complement the modern lifestyle, true to practicality, usability, and sustainability.

We hope that our items get cherished. Our vision is to foster an alternative to the over-consuming, easy-disposing patterns that damage our environment. We think one of the places for making an impact is in the production process itself. This includes reintroducing traditional, sustainable materials and refined techniques, grounded in the wisdom of the old world. As mass production and over consumption go hand in hand, we believe people can make an impact by choosing to purchase carefully, use longer and consume less.

A craftman working on creating a bowl

Message from the owner

I was deeply ingrained with the importance of cherishing things, growing up in Japan, affirmed by the Japanese saying, "mottainai" ("don't be wasteful"). Disposable cups and plates, fast-fashion, excessive packaging of fast foods, seasonal items that get discarded after one season, obligational gift exchanges that are all wasteful; those dishearten me.

I wanted to start Crane&Turtle to go in the opposite direction of mass production and mass consumption.

I love Japanese artisanal crafts and want to share them with you because of the way they are produced, with so much care. The craftsmen encourage us to use them as long as we can, by repairing them or using them to its limits, until the "wheels fall off" so to speak. By using items longer and wasting less, I think we as consumers and producers can together make a positive impact on the world.

The sign by Mieko Murao
The portrait of Mieko Murao

Mieko Murao

Established her own graphic design firm in the early years of her career, and sold it. She then established Graphnetwork with her current business partner, and worked as the CEO from 2001 to 2011.
She then moved to Los Angeles to establish Graphnetwork USA.
She is currently working as the CEO of Graphnetwork USA.