Crane & Turtle Presents BOWZEN 12/12 SAT. 12/13 SUN.



Saturday,12/12, and Sunday, 12/13
*This is a hybrid event and it will be held at the Bow market in-person and/or online!
*Please see the details for each event.
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Matcha Latte Workshop (12/12 3:30pm-4:30pm)
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Koto Lecture + Performance by Tomo Johnson and Utanoichi(12/12 8pm-9pm)
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Mindful Doodling Workshop(12/13 11am-12pm)
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Ikebana (12/13 2pm-2:30pm)
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Koto Lecture + Performance by Tomo Johnson and Utanoichi(12/13 7pm-8pm)
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Bow Zen Special Menu will be available in the courtyard:
Chocolat chaud avec matcha whipped cream
Mousse au chocolat dans un cornet matcha
Matcha bonbons
Timut+Yuzu bonbons
by gate comme des filles
Katsu sandwich
by Saus
Miso soup
The gift basket
by picnic & pantry
Japanese inspired hummus
by Create gallery and cocktail
Matcha macarons and mochi
by maca
Japanese empanada
by buenas
Brioche with Sweet Azuki Paste ("Anpan")
by The Biscuit
Bow Market:


  • Koto Lecture + Performance by Tomo Johnson and Utanoichi

    Watch and hear Tomo Johnson and his teacher Utanoichi play beautiful music on their Koto.

    About this Event
    Tomo Johnson is a Japanese American, loves the koto, and has played the instrument since childhood. In his upbringing of both Japanese and American cultures, he truly appreciates the nuances of the music and, at the same time, interjects his influences to this beautiful tradition.

    Utanoichi (Satoshi Okuda) was born in Tokyo, in 1979.

    He is the 4th generation heir to the great koto performer and composer, Utashito Nakashima.

    Following in his great-grandfather's footsteps, he began his formal training on the koto in 1985 under his grandmother, Yasuko Nakashima, who is the grandmaster teacher and the head of Ikuta-ryu Seiha. Satoshi has been performing actively throughout Japan as a soloist and in ensemble work with many leading traditional Japanese musicians in concerts and master classes.

    He has also given concerts in several major cities in the United States and in Europe.There are a number of works composed by him, including his most recent and beautiful song, 'Konohanasakuyahime' for koto ensembles. He is highly expected to become a leader in the next generation of Japanese traditional music world.

    Koto (12/12 8pm-9pm)
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    Koto (12/13 7pm-8pm)
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  • Matcha Latte Workshop

    You don’t have to be a barista to make your own rich and delicious Matcha lattes and tea creations at home.

    About this Event
    Instructors: Suanne Scalise & Meg Tartasky of MEM Tea

    With a few basic ingredients and some simple tools, we will give you the knowledge and experience to enable you to prepare Matcha lattes to your preference at home with ease.

    MEM Tea provides extensive tea programs to over 800 cafes, restaurants, and other businesses around New England and the U.S. We also run our own tea shop and training center in North Cambridge, MA. Both our wholesale program and retail shop include a large list of carefully sourced and blended products including tea lattes, matcha, and award-winning chai blends. On top of all that, our ambitious, creative, and passionate staff makes it hard not to fall in love with our company and products. Suanne is our Director of Education and Meg is our Chief of Sales & Operations. Together they have a combined 40+ years of experience in the food and beverage industry.

    Matcha Latte Workshop (12/12 3:30pm-4:30pm)
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  • Ikebana Japanese flower arrangements

    flower arrangements

    Naoko Zaima
    Come watch Naoko Zaima create Ikebana, meaning flower arrangement in Japanese. Naoko Zaima is an Ikebana instructor based in Santa Monica. She was born and raised in Japan, moving to Los Angeles in 2005. Since then she has opened a fashion boutique in Laguna Beach and now designs and produces her own jewelry in Santa Monica. While keeping her enthusiasm for fashion, she also expresses herself through Ikebana. She says it reflects her passion for Japanese minimal design.

    Ikebana (12/13 2pm-2:30pm)
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  • Matcha Tea Ceremony by Kyoko Wada

    *Cancelled due to COVID

    Join us for a Japanese tea ceremony performed by Mrs. Kyoko Wada, who has been studying the Japanese Tea Ceremony for more than 30 years. She will share "the happiness of the tea ceremony" with you and invite you to take this opportunity to leave your worries and problems at the door. Be transported to Japan by the calligraphy, ceramics, flowers, lacquer, and incense. Experience the four elements of the "way of tea:" harmony, respect, purity, and tranquility. Imagine how they can bring harmony into our daily interactions. Take the first step of what can become a lifetime of study and meditation.

  • Mindful Doodling Workshop

    Learn to engage with doodling in a meditative way. Become present at the moment by focusing your intent on the feel of the paper and pen. About this Event
    In this workshop we will show the difference between distracted doodling and mediative doodling and offer techniques and tips that will help calm the mind, relieve stress and increase focus.

    No drawing experience is required

    Jen was once a corporate project manager and process improvement expert. She is now a printmaker and designer with a letterpress studio and brick & mortar stationery shop. In addition to the shop and studio, she co-organizes several annual craft markets and teaches courses in the Sustainability Program at the Harvard Extension School.

    She has been doodling in one way or another for as long as she can remember and has practiced Vipassana meditation since 2007.

    Mindful Doodling Workshop(12/13 11am-12pm)
    Reserve your spot (FREE)

  • Youji's Premium Sushi Set

    Sold out!

    Youji Iwakura Premium Nigiri Sushi Takeout Set
    -Premium Sushi Set (5 pieces of seasoned nigiri sushi, 2 pieces of rolled sushi, original soy sauce)
    -limited to 20 orders

    About Chef Youji Iwakura
    Hailing from Kamakura, Japan, Youji Iwakura is a mainstay of the Japanese restaurant scene here in Boston, working at authentic Japanese restaurants like Ginza in Brookline and even as Chef de Cuisine at Ken Origer's now-renowned restaurant @uni_boston, launching the once-tiny sashimi bar into public recognition for its high quality and innovation. Youji then went on to open @bashosushi as Executive Chef in 2010. Over the years he has taken on the role of Sake Sommelier at Yakitori Zai and opened @snappykitchensomerville in Davis Square and Kamakura in downtown Boston.

Bow Zen special menu at Bow Market

  • Special Menus by gate comme des filles

    matcha chocolate menus

    Chocolat chaud avec matcha whipped cream:
    Hot chocolate made with dark Valrhona chocolate and Tourmaline Springs water from Maine. Topped with Mizuba matcha-infused whipped cream. Purchase a mug at Crane & Turtle and we'll fill it with a complimentary hot chocolate pour!

    Matcha bonbons:
    Matcha bonbons: Dark chocolate ganache infused with Mizuba matcha powder, dipped in dark chocolate and topped with matcha.

    Timut+Yuzu bonbons:
    Timut peppercorns infused in dark chocolate ganache, dipped in fruity dark chocolate and topped with Japanese yuzu powder.

  • Special Menus by Saus

    bowzen katsu sandwitch

    Special Katsu sandwich:
    portabella mushroom katsu sandwich. get some before they sell out !!

  • Special Menus by picnic & pantry

    Miso Soup

    Miso soup:
    Hot bowl of miso soup featuring 21st Century Tofu handmade in Jamaica Plain, locally-grown South River miso, and Edo spice blend from Curio Spice Co.

    Edo Spice, Matcha drink

    The gift basket:
    A selection of our favorite products to wind down our day with. For the lover of Japanese teas and relaxing! This basket features Curio Spice's Edo blend, Mizuba's daily matcha, Goldthread's Japanese matcha, Elmore Mountain's unscented CBD body oil, and Alta's turmeric & ginger 20mg CBD bites!
    $70 / Available for pick-up, or delivery to Somerville or Cambridge ($10). Shipping, or delivery to the greater Boston area also available upon request.
    Check more details here.

  • Special Menus by Create gallery and cocktail

    Japanese inspired hummus

    Japanese inspired hummus:
    Create Gallery and Cocktail's contribution to Bow Zen this Saturday: @humaari Japanese inspired hummus - tahini, yuzu, nori, dashi broth, togarashi, bonito, kombu, crunchy garlic, toasted sesame.

  • Special Menus by maca

    Matcha macarons and mochi

    Matcha macarons and mochi:
    "Matcha macarons and mochi" from Maca

  • Special Menus by buenas

    Sansyo Pepper Pork with Tanuki Tare Sauce

    Japanese empanada:
    Sansyo Pepper Pork with Tanuki Tare Sauce by Buenas Empanadas
    a special collaboration with @Tanukitaiyaki

  • Special Menus by The Biscuit

    Brioche with Sweet Azuki Paste

    Brioche with Sweet Azuki Paste ("Anpan") by The Biscuit

Music Playist