Elegant gloss and allure...Its sheer beauty and deep colors are one of the reasons for being the top choice for celebration and various festivities.

Echizen lacquerware holds 80 percent of Japan's market share in commercial lacquerware production. It has a history of 1,500 years, which cultivated its robust characteristics.


Urushi is a Japanese high-quality lacquer, and its oldest known use dates back over 10,000 years. This natural material has many fantastic functions. When it’s hardened, the coating makes materials water-resistant and anti-bacterial. It has a high resistance to acid or alkali, whereas if it were metal or glass, it would melt. Urushi has been used for various purposes like bonding, water-proofing, preserving to coating.


The Echizen lacquerware's history started 1500 years ago when the emperor of Japan ordered a royal crown repair. The emperor saw the result and fell in love with its beauty, and that compelled him to designate the craftsman and the entire area of Echizen to the production of lacquerware using Urushi.

Echizen lacquerware has major distinctions in its production process.

The entire area of Echizen is designated to making lacquerware and partitioned into specialized sections that one section makes the base, another section paints, accessorize and so forth.

In addition to traditional woodwork lacquerware, the modern Echizen uses synthetic resin and paint materials as alternative and economical ways to offer the craft to consumers. Today, it is common for commercial dining lacquerwares to use safe synthetic resin. Approximately 80-90% of the market share comes from Echizen production ground.


When you want to add a new color to your life, or when you want that special day to have extra sparkle, or when you want to impress your guests with swank, there are all sorts of ways to enjoy and use Echizen Urushi lacquerware.

You can use it casually in a day-to-day situation or introduce it formally on special occasions:

At dinner parties with friends;

As a gift for baby showers and weddings;

To give that extra touch of detail for events;

To hand as a traveling gift which says, I brought you something!