The beautiful hues and its transparancy...Crafts made of glass is simply, beautiful. Within the wide spectrum of glass craftsmanship, it would be appropriate to say that the Japanese craft stands unique. At Crane & Turtle, we deal USUHARI and EDOKIRIKO, a work that is officially recognized as Dento Kogei (Japanese artisenal arts & crafts).


USU means Thin. HARI means Glass. Usuhari, as the name implies, the glassware is exquisitely thin and the craft technique comes from Shotoku Glass works established in 1922. The glass making technique refined through light bulb production has been passed down generation to generation, acheving 0.9mm approximately half the thinness of a regular glass.Each Usuhari glass is made with utmost sincerity, by the hands of true glass artisans.

It's simply an enhanced experience. Is this the same beer (that I'm used to having)? You'll be asking yourself that in a good way. The exquisitely light touch of the glass on your lips will be noticed, then the sound of the ice, perhaps. The way a glass 'usually' feels in your hands will become replaced with a unique one. As you pick up the glass, you might even suspect its delicate make, but its thinness gives the glass a breath of flexibility which makes it less susceptible to breakage.


SHOTOKU GLASS started in 1922, as a makers of lightbulb glass. As machines designed for mass production became more and more capable, the company of craftsmen began thinking of ways to preserve the skils that use hands. The decision was to transfer glass craft knowledge into the art of making drinkware, mainly beer glass, Japanese sake glass, and wine glass. Our goal is to make the act of drinking even more palatable experience and pleasurable through glassware making.

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