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Masazumi Blue Steel Santoku (All Purpose) Knife

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The meeting of the highest quality steel and traditional skills.

Its cutting side features a high-carbon, low-impurity steel.
This means high-grade hardness and excellent wear resistance that ensures sharpness for years to come. The knife has been given a lot of thought to its usability and it shows in its detailed finish. 

Product details

●Made in Gifu Prefecture, Japan

Overall length: 11"
Blade length: 6.5"

●Weight: 0.25lbs

●Blade material: Blue steel

What is Blue Steel?

The name Blue steel comes from the blue wrapping paper the manufacturers used to wrap it in.

The steel is very pure, in which it has very little impurities such as phosphorus and sulfur in the steel's make up. 

Aogami or blue paper steel contains very little P and S, but W (tungsten) and Cr (Chromium) are added to make the hardening temperature less critical. This increases the wear resistance for longer-lasting sharpness. 

●Blade bevel: Both

How to use

It is recommended that you do not leave Carbon Steel knives in wet conditions or in contact with water for any significant length of time because it can cause discoloration and eventually lead to rusting. If you often work with wet foodstuff, please keep a soft absorbent cloth or towel nearby so that you can frequently dry the knife whilst working. We similarly recommend that Carbon Steel knives that come in to contact with salty foods or liquids should be cleaned as soon as possible in order to prevent corrosion. It is normal for an oxidized ‘patina’ to develop on knives which are used with acidic foods or foods which contain a lot of protein. Some people like this discoloration and it does not affect cutting performance, but it can easily be removed using a cloth and some mildly abrasive cleaning powder, such as Bar Keepers Friend. This cleaning method will minimize the chance of damaging the appearance of the knife. To remove more serious corrosion and rust we suggest using the ‘rust eraser’ type of abrasive rubber blocks, starting with the finest abrasive version first, to minimize damaging the appearance of the knife.
Dishwasher with high-temperature washing is not recommended either.
There are other few key things to remember when using high-quality Japanese knives.
It's not recommended to use it on things that are too hard. For example, bones, pumpkin/squash, frozen foods.
It damages the blade and would be a waste.
Because of the carbon nature of the core steel, it is advised to dry/wipe off all moisture after use (dry off completely).
One way to do this is:
Take a cotton towel and fold in half. Place the knife on it and fold over the cotton towel like your sandwiching the knife with the towel. Apply a bit of pressure over the towel as you pull out the knife, as the towel absorbs the moisture from the knife.

●Masazumi Blue Steel Santoku series
Masazumi Blue Steel Petty Knife
Masazumi Santoku (All Purpose) DP Clad Knife

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