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Yamamoto Katsunosuke Shoten
Handmade 8 1/4" "Shuro" Mini Broom

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This broom is made from hemp-palm, combining skilled craftsmanship with the palm's natural trait of longevity.
A timeless cleaning tool that needs no electricity and it looks great, too!
The broom hair is called Oni-ke which is distinctively thicker and harder than the Kawa broom hair.

This size is great for cleaning your desk, window track, or closet. 

Product details

What is a "Shuro" Broom?

Shuro broom's use has several centuries of history. Shuro is a type of palm called hemp-palm and it has a strong resistance to water since it contains natural oil. The fiber of Shuro catches fine dust and hair so the dust won't scatter all over the place when brooming. 

The 6 reasons why we love it!

1. Skilled craftsmanship

Only available by the hands of an experienced craftsman to make the brooms; each one is made by hand.
Therefore, only a few at a time are made. A very desirable broom indeed. 

2. The natural ability of hemp-palm

The material used is hemp-palm's tree bark which contains natural plant oil that makes it hard to decay and lasts a long time (15~20years). A bonus of brooming with this is that it transfers some of the natural oil to the floor giving it a waxing effect. 

3. Dust suppression 

The soft thin fibers of the palm collect dust without the use of excess power. Use it like you're brushing the floor gently and see that dust and trash do not get all over the place.  

4. Handy for cleaning during night time

There are times when you need to do the cleaning during the night. For example, when a child is asleep next door or during the night when you have the urge. This broom is perfect for that.

5. Great chemistry with pets and animal friends

Perfect for people living with a dog and/or cat. This broom collects furs and hairs without making a whole bunch of noise. 

6. Your floor will love it

The hemp-palm is soft, so it does not damage or scratch your flooring.

■Made in Wakayama Prefecture, Japan
■Size : 20cm (7.87")
■Weight : 0.5g 
■Materials : Shuro tree, bamboo, cooper


How to use

Highly recommended for use with our light and durable Harimi dustpan.

- Before use
We recommend brushing off the fiber/broom hair before using it for the first time.

- To store
Store by hanging the broom by its (shuro) string on top. The brush hairs will bend and change its shape if stored standing on the floor by itself or leaning against the wall for too long.

●Shuro Broom Series
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Handmade 12" Small "Shuro" Broom

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