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Matcha Tea Whisk (Chasen) with 120 Tines



Let's make your Matcha taste proper!

The whisk allows mixing the matcha powder, water, and air into a nice frothy beverage, releasing aromas and essences in the foam on the surface. It is not only about dissolving the powder in the water! Oxygenation is key. For coffee drinkers: think of this effect as the froth on your espresso or cappuccino.

Product details

120 tines.
Made of bamboo. 


How to use

1. For a traditional bowl of matcha tea, allow freshly boiled water to cool to 170˚F then add 3 oz of water to the tea bowl. For iced matcha pour 3 oz of ice-cold water into the tea bowl – Do not use boiling hot water.

2. Use your bamboo whisk (Chasen) to vigorously whisk the matcha powder and water.

3. Move the whisk back and forth vigorously for 15 – 40 seconds to create a nice froth. Begin by running the whisk around the inside of the matcha bowl and then move the whisk quickly and energetically from side to side in a zig-zag, figure-eight type motion. Keep the slender bamboo tines of the whisk just under the surface of the tea – be careful to not press the tines into the bottom of the tea bowl.

4. When a nice froth develops on the surface of the tea the matcha is ready to drink.

5. Gently tap the excess tea from the bamboo whisk and now enjoy your matcha tea.

6. Remember to clean the tines of your bamboo whisk immediately by rinsing it in water. Stand the whisk upright on the flat end and allow it to air dry. Try to not rest your Chasen lying on its side after use because it will dry ‘out-of-round’ and will not work as well.
Be sure that your whisk is completely dry before storing it.

pro tip: soak your whisk in warm water before each use, which softens the tines (this helps with getting great froth results).

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