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Tinplate Tea Canister (Chazutsu)

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The best way to protect and prolong your loose leaf tea: store them in these tea canisters, or "chazutsu" in Japanese. Having trouble finding a "cool, dry place" to store your tea? These canister will do the trick. Choose from two sizes!

Product details

Loose leaf tea is a sensitive business. For the best flavor, avoid exposing leaves to humidity, light, and heat. These tea canisters have been specially designed to protect tea from these variables, keeping your leaves cool and dry. Even the shape of the canister is optimized for your tea consumption---round sides prevent leaves from getting stuck in the corners of the container.

Choose from one of two sizes of canister. Tea for one? Then the smaller size will fit your tea perfectly. Pouring for the whole family? Try the taller canister.

Not a tea drinker? These canisters are excellent for cookies and gifts!

Made in Japan.
Tinplate and Japanese paper.

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