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Yuzu Lip & Nail Balm

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With beeswax and vaseline as its base, this lip&nail balm contains 6 kinds of essential oils. It spreads very efficiently with just a small amount and moisturizes those areas. Lips, nails, hair, elbow, knees (anywhere that gets noticeably dry). It adds shine to skin and moisturizes wrinkles on side of the eyes. It's an all-in-one yuzu balm!

Product details

■Country of manufacture Japan
■Dimensions: 【Unit】DIA 1.69" x W1.69" x H0.66"、【Box】DIA 2.44" x W2.36" x H2.36"
■Material: Vaseline, beeswax, yuzu peel oil, squalane, olive oil, grapeseed oil, rice germ oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil, cameila seed oil 
■Volume: 0.01lb

How to use

  • Be sure to check your lips or skin before applying it, and make sure the area does not need urgent care.
  • If redness, itchiness, burning sensation or any unusual reaction occurs, please go see a skin doctor.

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