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Hiba Wood Essential Oil

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Hiba wood, used for centuries to contruct temples across Japan, is known for its particularly calming fragrance. A few drops of this essential oil by Cul de Sac Japan will go a long way. Try it after a long day at work, and thank us later!

Product details

Aomori Hiba, named after the Aomori prefecture in Japan, is a cypress tree native to Japan and related to the hinoki cypress. It produces strong, fragrant wood. Like hinoki, it may be used as a natural antiseptic or insect repellant, and it is resistant to water. For centuries the wood of the Aomori Hiba has been the preferred building material for temples and other buildings throughout Japan.

Designed by Mineko Muraguch
Made in Japan.

How to use

Add a couple drops of Hiba Wood Essential Oil to your bath, humidifier, or laundry for a calming, woodsy scent.

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