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Cul de Sac Japan Hiba Wood Candle





These stunning candles make excellent wedding gifts. Available in two styles, they are constructed from Aomori Hiba, a kind of cypress tree native to Japan. They are long-lasting, burning up to 60 hours, and their gentle, woodsy scent is relaxing.

Product details

Aomori Hiba, named after the Aomori prefecture in Japan, is a cypress tree native to Japan and related to the hinoki cypress. It produces strong, fragrant wood. Like hinoki, it may be used as a natural antiseptic or insect repellant, and it is resistant to water. For centuries the wood of the Aomori Hiba has been the preferred building material for temples and other buildings throughout Japan.

Type 01 features clean strips of wood bundled with a black strip for a clean, neutral look. Type 02 features Hiba sticks, bark and all, wrapped in brown twine for that rustic, woodsy look.

Designed by Mineko Muraguch.
Made in Japan.

How to use

Upon initial burn, trim wick to 1/4 and let burn for at least four hours or until the pool of wax reaches the walls of the container, this prevents tunneling. Upon subsequent burns, always re-trim wick to 1/4. Use non-flammable solid surface such as a ceramic or glass plate under candle while burning. Never leave a burning candle unattended.

Materials: Wood wick candle with a tin foil inner lining surrounded with Hiba wood sticks. Aomori Hiba wood and essential oils from waste lumber.

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