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3D Origami by OVOV

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Getting a little bored with standard origami? OVOV takes it to the next level with this 3D Origami set. Each kit comes with 56 polypropylene pieces and instructions for three basic shapes. If you like Lego or modular origami, you'll love this kit---fit for children and adults alike!

Product details

Kit includes 56 pieces in seven colors. Fold them according to the instructions provided---or go wild!

Materials: Polypropylene.

Produced and designed by Feel Good Creation, inc.
Made in Japan.

How to use

Each OVOV piece has a front and back---the front will have a small hole, whereas the back has a small nodule that sticks out. Use this to fasten OVOV pieces together!

Each piece has three different places that may be folded. By experimenting with different angles and combinations, you can build the basic shapes in the instructions provided, or make your own unique creations. 

  • Keep away from children under 3 years old.
  • Supervise children while playing with 3D origami.
  • Do not use if pieces are damaged or falling apart.
  • Do not use excessive force.
  • Keep away from heaters or open flames.
  • Colors may fade in direct sunlight.

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