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Kurikawa Shoten
Shibu Uchiwa / Japanese fan by Kurikawa Shoten

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High quality uchiwa/fan that lasts hundred years. 
The uchiwa is coated with persimmon tannin, which makes its Japanese traditional paper (washi) strong and long-lasting, while also having an effect of insect repellant.

Light and feels great to hold!
The more you use, the more character and depth it gets.
Loved by many as a gift to celebrate newborns, 60th birthdays, wedding take home gift, company anniversaries, etc.

Product details

This Shibu Uchiwa's remarkable history dates back to the 1600s!
A traveling priest from Marugame City, a city famous for uchiwa, initiated people in Kutami City into the production method of uchiwa, in return for letting him stay a night at the city.

The natural coating of persimmon tannin on the fan's washi paper makes it more durable.
The coating also functions as a bug repellent.

The uchiwa is made by Kurikawa Shoten, the only workshop that inherits the tradition of Kutami City, a city that was counted one of the three greatest production areas of uchiwa in Japan, other than Kyoto and Marugame City.

■ Made in Kumamoto, Japan
■ Dimensions: L7.67" x W14.76"
■ Material: Bamboo, Paper, Persimmon tannin
■ Weight: 0.02lb

How to use

The production is all done by hand:

Making of spines




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