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Indigo-Dyed Chiyogami Origami Paper



Why do you fold origami? Is it for its meditative, therapeutic effects? Or are you interested in design, the way this fold and that combine to create a variety of objects, creatures, and more? Whatever your reason, you'll love this gorgeous bundle of origami paper. Each of the ten sheets features a different design on indigo-dyed washi paper. It's all a bit luxurious.

Product details

Chiyogami is a kind of patterned, screenprinted paper used for origami. It is made of kozo washi, which makes it strong and durable enough to be sewn as if it were fabric. Use it for textile projects as well as origami folds! (PS---traditional folds like cranes look especially lovely with this paper.)

■ Designed by Makoto Yamaguchi.
■ 10 different designs
■ 10 sheets
■ Single-sided design
■ Dimensions: 5.9" x 5.9"/15cm x 15cm
■ Material: Washi paper
■ Made in Japan.

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