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KOKORO Washi Paper Incense



Lighting up the hearts will emit a bold delightful scent. When left unburnt, the Kokoro is a gentle diffuser.

Product details

An innovative way to enjoy and experience the fragrance of Japanese incense

Kokoro washi incense is a Crane&Turtle original product designed by Mieko Murao, using Ku as the incense base. It can also be used as a diffuser that releases gentle fragrance without burning. The incense is handmade by master craftsman of Awaji Island in Japan. 

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How to use

- As an incense

Tear off a piece or more and light it
A single heart burns for about 1-2 minutes. You can also tear 2-3 or more hearts to adjust for a longer burm.

Place on mat
Blow out the flame and place the incense on the burning mat. The mat should be placed on a fireproof tray.

- As a diffuser

The heart(s) can be placed inside letters, card cases, glass containers or gifts to enjoy the delicate fragrance as it slowly diffuses. 

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