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Crane & Turtle
Kokoro Incense Gift Set

Sold out now

New to incense, or looking to change up your routine? Try this gift set, built around KOKORO incense. It includes all you need to get started: a package of Kokoro incense, a small dish to hold the incense as it burns, and a lighter.

Product details

Designed in-house and produced by the makers of our popular HIBI incense matches, Kokoro incense packs the woody, relaxing scent of Japanese cypress into small washi paper hearts. Simply tear off one or more hearts and light them as you normally would light incense. Then enjoy the burst of hinoki (Japanese cypress) scent as it fills the room!

Kokoro Washi Paper Incense: $18
Patterned Soy Sauce Dish: $10
(optional) Refillable Metal Lighter: $12

With lighter, save: $40 -> $38!
Without lighter, save:
 $28 -> $26!

How to use

Please place the non-flammable mat included in the package of Kokoro incense onto the dish before you burn; otherwise, your dish may be damaged or discolored by the burning incense heart.

To burn Kokoro incense,
  1. Tear off one or more paper hearts from a sheet.
  2. Light the washi paper heart with a lighter or match.
  3. Blow out the flame and allow the ember to smoke. Enjoy the fragrance as the Kokoro burns.
  4. Dispose of the soot left behind after the heart finishes burning.

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