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Amina Collection Co.,Ltd.
Infinity Dangling Earrings

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At the intersection of maturity and playfulness dangles this pair of earrings. The makers of these earrings hope to blend Japanese tradition with modernity, creating unique products that look to the past and present for inspiration. What results is a number of clever, beautiful designs like this one!

Product details

Did you know the shape of a figure 8 is considered auspicious? The kanji 八 ("hachi") widens at the bottom, opening up to wealth, prosperity, and growth. Similarly, in Chinese, 8 is pronounced "ba," which resembles the word "fa," meaning "to prosper".

Personally, we like the elegance of this simple form. The slender metal shape exudes a delicate yet confident air. It's pretty badass, if we do say so ourselves.

Materials: Zinc alloy
Motif: About 3.1cm

Each pair of earrings is made by hand. Expect variation.

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