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Chirimen Fabric Coaster

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Enchant your guests with these chirimen-woven coasters, even as you tell them off for not using a coaster in the first place. These little numbers are reversible. They feature techniques perfected over four hundred years to create a tight, sturdy weave. 

Product details

What is chirimen?
Chirimen is sometimes called "crepe" in English. It derives from traditional techniques dating back to the 16th century. These days, the fabric itself may be organic, like silk or wool, or synthetic, but it will always feature tight, strong wefts and a smooth texture with tiny, distinct wrinkles called "shibo". Chirimen fabric may be used for kimono, bags, decorative ornaments, and yes, coasters like these!

Dimensions: About 95x 100mm
Materials: Chirimen crepe (Polyester)
Made in Japan.

Machine washable.

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