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Jabara Accordion Letter Set

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Jabara menas the belly of a snake that wiggles like an accordion. Buddhists may recognize this form, which resembles the shape of a scripture.

When you start writing, it's hard to know how long that letter or note will be. You're probably wondering how many notes to use, but this letter set solves that problem. The set also includes a storage case and letterheads, so all you need is in this compact package. Perfect for a quick note of an idea, too!
The Manufacturer has been in business for more than 200 years in Tokyo.

Product details

At any time, at any length. This letter paper is really practical for short notes that capture an idea in a short words, or for long letters. When not in use, you can fold it in assembled case with envelopes and make it compact.

How to use

You can tear the paper at any point you finish writing.

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