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Navy Glazed Rim Plate



This is a beautiful navy plate with a brushstroke design on the rim. The calm and dark hue highlights the food placed on it. It's a stunning plate that can be paired with anything, whether it's morning toast, a salad, or the main dish of your dinner.

Preferably, this item is to be purchased in-store.

Product details

A collaboration between Kiyomizuware and Koishiwaraware. SoryuGama, this workshop, is owned by a couple of potters from diverse regions in Japan. Each region is renowned for pottery with distinct characteristics: Kiyomizuware, meticulously handcrafted, is celebrated for its beautiful colors and intricate drawings. In contrast, Ontaware is known for its simple yet elegant design, featuring muted colors and a high level of skill passed down through generations. The cups created by SoryuGama seamlessly integrate the unique attributes of both styles.

Material: Porcelain

How to use

Dishwasher and microwave safe for everyday convienience.

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