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Clay Doll Plate



Embrace the enigmatic power of life with this captivating Japanese clay figure, Dogu (土偶).

Do you know about Dogu? It's more than just a doll; it's the mystery and strength of women who nurture life. Its bold form demands attention, and this plate features an accent of Dogu on the rim.

 Not entirely flat, it's perfect for dishes with sauces like stews and pasta!

Product details

The Clay Doll series was born from an unexpected source: a summer vacation homework project by the owner's son. Witnessing his enthusiasm for crafting flame-shaped pottery sparked a renewed fascination with the Jomon period's unique and mesmerizing forms. This fascination ultimately led to the creation of the Jomon world at Soryugama, where tradition meets modern craft.

This particular piece features an original arrangement of clay figurine motifs, capturing the timeless charm of the Jomon era in a whimsical and contemporary way. We hope this adorable form transcends time and brings a touch of tranquility to your daily life.

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