Celebrate one year with Crane & Turtle!


One year has passed since we first set up shop---a real shop, and not just a pop-up---in Bow Market. In that year, we've weathered through not just busy and slow seasons but an entire, honest-to-goodness pandemic. One year later, we've emerged, more excited than ever to bring beautiful, practical, and sustainable Japanese goods to Somerville and beyond.

The first year for any shop is a difficult one. We're so, so grateful to Bow Market and our neighbors all across the courtyard for taking care of us, collaborating with us, and above all giving us a high-five or encouraging word when we needed one.

In celebration of Crane & Turtle's first anniversary, then, we'd like to invite everyone---yes, everyone!---to join us for a Market-wide event on Sunday, July 11th, 2021. Think delicious food, gift sets, collaborations, good music, and more. We think you'll like it.

At the center of our one-year anniversary party will be---ready?---a yukata party! We will be offering yukata rentals to the public to dress up, join a photoshoot, and hang out around Bow Market in style. Yukata are summer kimono, made of cotton and often worn at festivals across Japan. (Already have a yukata of your own? First of all, hi. Let's hang out. Secondly, feel free to wear it to the party!)

Here is the link for the event details

Oh, and here's another incentive to wear yukata (besides looking supremely cute and / or handsome): anyone wearing a yukata on the day of our party (July 11th) will receive 10% off any purchase.

Ready to reserve your yukata? Follow this link and choose from a number of options in men and women's styles. Remember, yukata rental is first-come, first-served, so be sure to reserve your preferred style in advance!

What to bring: 

a T-shirt and shorts that is NOT bulky (to wear under the Yukata). And sandals! 

Crane & Turtle's one-year anniversary event will take place on Sunday, July 11th, 2021, at Bow Market in Somerville, MA.