Edible calligraphy?! What's that? (Bow Zen 2021)


It's part of a must-see conceptual dining experience at Bow Zen. We at Crane & Turtle are thrilled to host this event for a second time here at Bow Market in Somerville, MA. It's slated for the Sunday before Christmas---December 19th, 2021---a time when we think you will need zen the most!

At the Edible Calligraphy Food-Tasting Performance, artist Rayna Lo will be writing Chinese calligraphy with food-grade ingredients, which will then be paired with sashimi plating by Washoku Renaissance and Youji Iwakura. Tanám, based at Bow Market and known for its narrative cuisine, will be providing cocktails utilizing Filipino ingredients. Soup and sushi rice will also be provided after the performance.

Act fast---seating is limited to nine people maximum for each of the two available time slots (3pm and 6pm on December 19th, 2021). Tickets cost $90, not including cocktails.

The entire performance of calligraphy and food arrangement will last approximately 55 minutes, while the food tasting will be 35 minutes.

When you sign up, be sure to notify organizers of any food allergies you may have. Participants are required to wear a mask. Staff will be vaccinated.

Get your tickets on Eventbrite by clicking here.

Bow Zen takes place on December 19th, 2021, at Bow Market in Somerville, MA. Learn more by following the link here.